SWISSCELL - Original Swiss Cell Extracts Formulation


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  • SWISSCELL Softgels

    OPE Softgels

    Ovine Placenta Extracts & Fish Protein

    Swisscell’s finest daily nutritional supplement, with a supreme mixture of high performing nutrients marine DNA, collagen elastin HME, 128 growth factors, amino acids, vitamins and minerals for total body rejuvenation.

    PPE Softgels

    Phyto Placenta Extract

    Swisscell’s revolutionary Phyto Placenta nutritional supplement packed with amino acids and proline-hydroxyproline for optimum skin and cellular rejuvenation.

    Clinically Proven in Switzerland
    Daily Nutritional Softgels
    Premium Sheep Placenta Extracts and Marine Ingredients
    Total Rejuvenation

    SwissCell Softgels, a superior daily nutritional supplement which comes with 128 growth factors, dermal bio activators, amino acids, vitamins and minerals naturally derived from freshly procured sheep placenta, effectively combats signs of ageing and premature ageing. This biomedical innovation based on the proven rejuvenation principles of Swiss cellular therapy has chalked up several firsts: accelerated cellular renewal not only skin deep but also within the interlinking structures of inner organs and tissues.

    SwissCell Softgels’ cutting edge hi-tech capsules preserves the complete bioactivity of ovine placenta extracts and marine DNA cell extracts in a pure certified form, with added active ingredients, and made possible through the brand’s proprietary cold-extraction Celluxinis™ proteolytic enzyme extraction technology.

    The added active ingredients, nine essentials in anti-ageing, are from a rare marine species found in deep Scandinavian sea and include Highly Polymerized Marine DNA Cellular Extracts for holistic rejuvenation, beautiful skin, nerve calming, enhanced physical performance and mental alertness; Protein-M Polypeptides for relief of joint pains by functioning as a natural pain killer, and for alleviation of rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis; and Collagen Elastin HME for strengthening the connective tissues to induce skin firming, improvement in skin suppleness and dermis density for youthful skin appearance.

    The Result: SwissCell Softgels helps to significantly slow down the ageing process through the right blend of nutrients without drugs or any other form of chemicals and/or helps combat premature ageing, cushions the body from age-related ailments and enhances health and vitality. The strengthening of the immune system makes for better complexion, stronger bones and flexibility in joints, and renewed stamina, vitality and longevity.


    Each premium pack comes in a unique NASA-grade aluminum foil blister pouch for full protection, quality and potency of the Softgels.

    Content and Usage

    30 softgels (1800mg). Take 1 or 2 softgels daily, half an hour before meals for better absorption.

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SWISSCELL - Original Swiss Cell Extracts Formulation